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The LeatherNet is an international marketplace and information source for leather and related industries, which include raw hides and skins, semi-finished (wet-blue, wet-white, crust, etc.) and finished leather; footwear and other leather goods; materials, components, equipment, machinery and technologies for leather, footwear and other leather goods’ production.

After registration any firm, organization or individual may become The LeatherNet Member and post offers on purchase/sale of goods and services, business cooperation, jobs, resumes, etc.

Members can correspond with each other, assign ratings to other Members, send and receive requests regarding the offers posted on the portal. On the Portal home page, Members can post news, photos, price lists, and other files.

The LeatherNet ranking system allows the Members of choosing business partners by their reputation (rank), established by positive or negative feedback of other users about any particular company and minimize risks.

The LeatherNet search engine with its detailed classification and a regular control of The LeatherNet administration over correction of mistakes made while adding new offers and content allows users of finding necessary information quickly.

Industry news, information about exhibitions and trade shows, reviews, technical information, state standards, regulations, and other information are posted on the Portal.

Your Feedback and suggestions can help us to improve The LeatherNet and provide you with a better service.

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