The LeatherNet user agreement

(last modified 06.09.2016)

General provisions

The present User Agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") regulates rules, conditions of access and use of the service provided by OOO "Relkon" (hereinafter "Administration") via the Internet Portal "LeatherNet" (URL:, legal entities and natural persons, hereinafter referred to as "Users" using the service. The fact of the LeatherNet service use is interpreted as the actual conclusion by User with Administration of a legally binding agreement on the terms of the Agreement, his consent to the Privacy Policy and other rules and regulations posted on The LeatherNet. The LeatherNet service is not intended for the persons who, under the laws of the permanent residence country, because of age or other reasons, do not have the capacity necessary to enter into legally binding agreements.

The LeatherNet is a marketplace that provides the opportunity for registered Users (Members) to post offers to sell or purchase goods, services, on cooperation and joint activities, on vacancies and job search ( hereinafter - "Ads"), as well for as all Users using The LeatherNet search engines to find relevant Member Ads. In addition to the above mentioned, Members have additional opportunities, in particular to assess other members, post comments, correspond with them. Also news, market reviews and other information of interest to Users are posted on The LeatherNet.

The services provided for User are free, unless otherwise specified.

Registration on The LeatherNet

It is possible to use the The LeatherNet service without registration, but only Members have the right to post Ads, send out queries, write posts, rate and leave comments about other Members.

At registering, a new Account linked to the email address provided by the Member is created for the Member. Different Accounts cannot have the same email address. During the registration, the Member must provide his own valid e-mail address where a link to confirm your registration will be sent. In special cases, registration may be confirmed manually by contacting The LeatherNet support service.

A Member can edit the data specified a registration (except his email address) in a separate section of the portal called "My account" and closed for other Users. A Member`s e-mail address is specified once at the registration and it cannot be changed afterwards. Therefore, it is in the Member`s interests to indicate valid and working e-mail address and to take care of a normal functioning of the e-mailbox.

A Member chooses a password to the Personal Account himself. He needs to take care of the password security and take care of its safety. The LeatherNet does not store the passwords of the Members. If a Member has loses his password, it can only be exchanged for a new one, after undergoing the appropriate procedure to restore access to the account.

Any act made from a Member's Personal Account is the action made by the Member and establishes responsibility for a Member in respect of those actions. The Member acting on behalf of an organization or enterprise on the Portal, is obliged to confirm his authority upon receipt of the request from Administration or Users.

A Member shall immediately change the Personal Account password at the request of the Administration or in cases where he has reason to suspect that his password became known to unauthorized persons.

Feedback and ratings

Administration encourages Users to leave feedback about the Members who they had business relations with, rate them (from 1 to 5 stars) taking into account honesty, veracity of the posted information, responsiveness to requests, decency of the Member and, thus, participate in forming the Members` rating. This will allow other Users to consider your positive or negative experience when choosing a contractor.

Administration considers the Members` appeals and takes measures to prevent undue over- or under-rating of a Member as the result of sending false feedbacks by indecent Users. Administration may temporarily suspend access or delete User Accounts abusing their right to rate other Members.

User Liability

The Leathernet is a specialized platform focused on the leather and related industries. Member`s advertisements should follow the theme of The LeatherNet. The Accounts created without compliance with this requirement will be deleted by the Administration without notifying the authors.

At registration and further use of The LeatherNet, a Member is obliged to provide true information about himself and to keep this information up to date. Administration is not obliged, but it has a right to check the veracity of this information and demand from a Member, and the Member is obliged to provide, relevant documents or any other information confirming the veracity of the information posted by the Member.

A Member should responsibly select the correct category for each advertisement. The category should be indicated with maximum detail. This will greatly facilitate the search at The LeatherNet. It is not recommended to leave the "Description" field empty.

On The LeatherNet pages Users and Members must comply with applicable law, refrain from foul language, insults, rousing hatred, promoting violence, spamming, violations of the legitimate rights and interests of third parties.

Members should try to follow the rules of grammar and spelling. It is forbidden to use capital letters where it is customary to use lowercase ones.

Member`s advertisements must be correctly composed, properly placed in the correct category. Otherwise, Administration has the right to move the Ad in the correct category and/or make corrections in the Ad title and/or description.

A Member is obliged not to undertake any actions violating the current legislation of the Russian Federation or the ones that are likely to adversely affect The LeatherNet normal operation or violate the legitimate rights and interests of other Members or Users.

Activation, deactivation, Account deletion

By placing information about himself and posting Ads on The LeatherNet, Member shall make the specified data publicly available and understands that he posts them in open access. That is, the specified information is available for review to any user of the global network "Internet". The participant assumes all risks associated with the placement of information, including the risks associated with getting a phone number by SMS-spammers and/or SMS-fraudsters and other risks arising from such information posting.

A Member has the right to temporarily deactivate his Account. In this case, on his page and on the pages of all of his Ads a corresponding writing will appear. These pages will continue to be available, but will not participate in search results on The LeatherNet.

A Member has the right to deactivate any of his Ads. In this case, a corresponding writing will appear on the page of the Add deactivated. The Add will continue to be available, but will not participate in the Portal search results.

A Member has the right to delete his Account from the Portal. In this case, his page and all Ads become unavailable for visitors of the site. Correspondence of the Member with other Members will continue to be available for the latter.

Limitation of liability

A Member posts his Ads on the Portal himself. A Member refers to other Members with business and other offers, accepts or rejects similar offers from other Members, at his discretion and under his responsibility. Administration is not a facilitator, organizer or party to the transaction between the seller and the buyer. The transactions between Members are executed without direct or indirect participation of Administration.

Administration does not exercise complete audit of all the information posted by Members, but reserves the right to spot check and edit information posted on the Portal by Members.

The LeatherNet is not responsible for any information posted by Members and does not guarantee their truthfulness.

Services at The LeatherNet are provided to Users "as they are". Administration does not guarantee the compliance of the service using results with the expectations of a User, does not reimburse damages or lost profits arising or which may arise in connection with this.

Final provisions

In case of the Agreement rules violation, Administration has the right to unilaterally suspend or terminate the provision of services to the Member, to block access to his Personal account with blocking his Ads or to delete the Account of the Member and his Ads without the possibility of recovery.

In the event of a discrepancy with the versions of the Agreement in other languages, the version in the Russian language is considered to be authentic.

At any time Administration has the right to change the terms of service provision to a Member, amend, modify, limit or expand the functionality of the website. The LeatherNet has the right to amend the Agreement unilaterally and without notice at any time. The current version of rules is available at