The introduction of a single duty for cross-border trade was not supported by the Russian government

 In late April, the Association of Internet Trading Companies (ACIT) addressed Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak with the initiative to exclude products that Russian consumers buy in foreign online stores from the category “goods for personal use”. A single tax of 20% was proposed to be imposed on these purchases, afterword the value of the proposed tax was adjusted to 15%. However,the figure in the documents submitted to the government for consideration is 20%.

 ACIT’s proposal to introduce a single fee for goods purchased on foreign websites was considered by the Russian government to be an excessive measure. The Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Industry and Trade consider important to keep the existing rules on the EurAsEC market - duty-free import of goods in the amount of up to € 500 per month, writes «Izvestia».

According to the Government Analytical Centre estimates, as a result of the introduction of a single fee for cross-border trade by ACIT in the amount of 20% the tax burden on consumers in total would increase by up to 121 billion rubles a year.

 The Ministry of Industry and Trade considers it expedient to adhere to the standards established by the decision of the ECE Council in 2017, which provides a gradual reduction of the threshold value of goods imported duty free. Gaydar’s Economic Policy Institute, where ACIT also sent a letter with an appropriate proposal, made their comments on this topic.

 Institute experts agree that the introduction of the duty will lead to an increase in the tax burden on individuals, and not on representatives of foreign business.