Search on the LeatherNet portal

There is an advanced search engine on LeatherNet. You must first select the section (Goods, Services, etc.). When you click on the appropriate link you will get all the ads in this section. Suppose you clicked Goods, you will see all the ads for products. Then you can filter products by a particular property, for example, by country and region of the advertiser, by price range, by category, etc.

In order to filter ads by price, in all sections except the Products section, it is enough to specify the required price range and the system will show only relevant ads. Moreover, if the first field in the price range is left blank, the system will show ads with the price “negotiable”.

In the "Products" section, before you specify the price range, you must select the appropriate unit of measurement for the product. The fact is that one product is sold per square decimeter, the other - per kilogram, so the system will not be able to filter by price unless the unit is specified. At the same time, the system can convert uniform units of measurement. For example, if you choose the unit of measurement “dm2”, and in the price range you specify USD 0.2-0.3, then you will also see in search results products costing for example USD 25 per m2.

You also have the option to choose a currency in global settings (the switch at the top of the site). For example, if you select the euro, the prices of all ads on the Portal will be converted into euros (at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation), and you must also indicate the price range in euros in the search.

There is a very convenient function of filtering ads by category in the search form. Click on the triangle next to the title, in the drop-down list you will be able to choose a rubric, and only the ads of the corresponding rubric will appear in the search results.

You can enter the name of the product (or part of the name) in the search box and get as a result ads containing this word (part of the word).