Registration on the LeatherNet portal

Only registered users, i.e. Participants may publish their information on the pages of the RLN. In order to become a Participant of the RLN Portal, you must go through a simple registration procedure on the site.

There are two types of Participants' forms on the RLN: for companies, that is, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, and for private individuals (natural persons), that is, individuals who are not officially registered individual entrepreneurs. When registering, you must first select the type by clicking on the appropriate tab. The principal difference between them is that individuals can’t specify an address (actual or legal) and they have the opportunity to publish their resume. Meanwhile legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are deprived of this opportunity. All fields in the form are required, except for the field "Region". When registering, you can select a region from the list provided, and if you did not find the desired region in the list, then enter the name of your region in the free field under the field intended for selecting a region from the list of regions. The email address will be used to identify your profile and to contact you by the Portal Administration, it will not be visible to other RLN visitors. You can also hide your phone number from visitors by logging into your personal account after registration.

After clicking on the "Submit" button you will receive an email with a link to activate your profile. Please follow this link. Usually the letter arrives instantly, but if for some reason you have not received it, please contact the RLN support service, we will try to activate manually your profile.

Only one profile can be registered to one e-mail address, so if during registration you receive the message “This e-mail is already registered”, this means you already have a profile of RLN Member. Use the function of restoring access to your member area.