How to add an ad on the LeatherNet

It is important to remember that your information published on the pages of the RLN portal is available not only to portal visitors, but also to all Internet users. Therefore, it is necessary to have to comply with the requirements of search engine optimization in order to have more visits from search engines like Yandex and Google.

Registering on the portal without adding ads does not make much sense, as when searching, people, as a rule, are not looking for a company, but for a specific product or service. An announcement is an offer to sell or buy a product or service, an offer to work together, to find an employee, or to look for a job.

To add an ad, go to My Profile (member area) and click "Add Goodst" (or "Add service" or “Add offer”, depending on the section to which your ad belongs); in the respective fields, select from the list Category, Transaction Type, Wholesale/Retail. It is important to briefly and clearly designate the subject of your ad in the "Name" field. The name should contain 3-5 words, including keywords, describing the subject of the announcement. You shouldn’t indicate the article number in the “Name” field. In the "Detailed Description" field you have to state the essence of your ad as detailed as possible, but without unnecessary words. Use keywords that, in your opinion, are used by your potential counterparties in Search Engines. For example, if you sell shoes, then it is desirable that the word "shoes" is present in the "Name" field, this will not only raise the rating of your ad, but also help Portal visitors to find it through local Search.

Important! We strongly recommend not to use abbreviations of words neither in Title, nor in Description. This is necessary to properly index your ads by search engines. Failure to comply with this condition will negatively affect the ranking of your ad. Adding pictures (photos) is also important for the growth rate of your ad and if your image is also unique (i.e., these are your photos or drawings), then the likelihood that more people will see your ad will increase significantly.

It is useful to indicate the price. Many search engines use a filter that allows only ads with a price to be shown. In the "Detailed Description" field, you can specify pricing features (for example, the retail price is indicated, wholesale discount - 10%, discounts on grades are 10/20/30% for 2/3/4 grades respectively). Ads with photos are ranked higher.

It is desirable that the names of the products in different will not be similar. For example, if you submit announcements for different colors of the same good separately, you can indicate the color in the product name so that the names in different ads will not be completely identical.

If the ad has lost relevance, use the "Active" button against this ad in the list of your ads. After clicking the name of the button will change to "Inactive." The ad will cease participating in the search. If the ad has become relevant again (for example, this product is on sale), you can make the ad active by clicking the same button again.