U.S. would slap tariffs on Chinese leather and footwear

The American Hides, Skins and Leather Association (USHSLA) has confirmed that a number of leather products imported from China will be among the list of goods  worth $ 300 billion, which will be a subject to an additional 10 percent duty from September 1.

President Donald Trump announced in early August that the trade negotiations with China were moving too slowly, and said the US would introduce a 10% tariff on this new set of goods.

The list of imports from China includes leather shoes of all kinds. Sports shoes and golf shoes containing leather were no exception. Raw and semi-finished hides and skins are also present in the list. Nevertheless, the United States exports much more raw materials for tanneries in China , than  imports from there. What does this mean for the global leather market? It is possible that footwear production in China (the world's largest footwear producer) will decrease, therefore, the demand for leather and raw hides and skins will decrease. Manufacturers inside USA and from other countries can gradually master the niche that has been freed up on the American market. But on the whole one may assume that this will have a negative impact on the global leather market