Session of Russian Union of Tanners and Shoemakers as a part of Mosshoes fair

On September, 11 2018 the session of the executive board of Russian Union of Tanners and Shoemakers (RUTS) was held. The participants summarized work undertaken in 2018, discussed current issues and problems of Russian leather industry, charted methods of solution. The directors of companies pointed out continuous decline of consumers’ demand, growth of import of illegal products of synthetic materials meeting no safety requirements and a further economic downturn of Russian companies. They particularly emphasized a negative impact of scheduled VAT increase (up to 20%) on marketability of Russian products.

The session resulted in offering a series of steps to support firms engaged in government contractual work, to reduce volumes of illegal dangerous products in Russian market and to go on working hard on leather industry exports increase. The executive board made a decision on recourse to Russian government and Gosduma for restitution of VAT rate of 18%.