Miratorg launched a tannery

On September 3, Miratorg launched a tannery in the Vygonichi district of the Bryansk Region, which is part of a cattle slaughter and processing complex with a capacity of 100 animals per hour. Investments in the tannery alone exceeded 3.4 billion rubles. It is planned to process 1,500 tons of hides (175,000 m2) per month. More than 500 million rubles have been spent on waste treatment plants. The main consumers, according to preliminary data, are shoe, automotive and upholstery industries. Leather tannage is chrome-free ("wet-white"). At Hed Hunter website  an announcement was posted by Miratorg on recruitment of workers with a salary of "from 18,000 to 37,000 rubles". 235 new jobs will be created. The refional budget will get extra 201 million rubles a year from a new business after it reches full capacity. The press service of Miratorg called the factory the most modern tannery in Europe. They plan to export products to countries such as Italy, France, China, India and others.

According to our data, Miratorg hides contain a large percentage of fat, which makes it difficult to process them.