ISA Tan Tec expands its network in Asia

Tanning Holding ISA Tan Tec is completing the construction of its new plant in Vietnam, three months after the start of work.

The group already operates a Vietnamese tannery, as well as tanneries in China, Italy and USA.

Ten years ago, they built Saigon Tan Tec, and it was called Project 2030. The plant will have advanced indicators in energy conservation, water saving and modern technologies for at least 20 years.

The new building will be a result of the best environmental solutions of Saigon Tan Tec and Heshan Tan Tec and, in addition, will follow the principles of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). They will continue to use renewable energy efficiently, for example, using solar energy to heat industrial water.

Group CEO Uwe Hatzler plans that after expanding in Saigon and with the new venture, the group is now ready to create “something big for the medium and long term — Trans Asia Tan Tec.”

With tanneries in Europe, USA and Asia, ISA Tan Tec provides diversified insurance against possible risks to its customers, and Trans Asia Tan Tec will contribute to this in the future.

He also said: “With Trans Asia Tan Tec, we want to get ahead of time and prepare for the upcoming growth. And besides this, we are convinced that when there is an accelerated transfer of industrial production, especially from China to Vietnam, now it is the best time for a second tannery in Vietnam”.