Indian tanners work on business development in East Africa

Akil Ahmed, Chairman of the Indian Leather Export Council (CLE), led a 14-member delegation at talks in East African countries in late July. He explained that one of the main attractions of strengthening business ties in this part of the world is that these African countries have a "huge raw material base" with a large amount of livestock. According to CLE estimates, countries visited by the group of  Indian leather producers, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, count for about 20% of the world's hides and skins supplying. The organization said it sees “huge opportunities for cooperation” between partners in this African countries and Indian tanners and manufacturers of finished leather products.

Commenting on the visit, Akil Ahmed said: “I am sure that the visit of our Indian delegation of  leather industry  to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda will serve as a milestone to strengthen business relations between India and the countries of East Africa in the leather sector.”