Fashion Attacks Madrid In September. MOMAD

From September 12 to September 14, the traditional MOMAD (Fashion in Madrid) Trade Fair will be held there, combined with the exhibition of  Intergift gifts,  Bisutex jewelry and watches and Madrid Joya jewelry. The shoes and accessories section is presented  at this exhibition, but mainly design brands are invited to participate. September 20-22, shoes buyers will see Shoes Room by MOMAD - an exhibition and presentation of shoe brands in a larger format. This new event, held for the first time in Madrid on March 1-3, 2019, gathered 85 brands and 2700 specialized buyers on its site. The organizers prepare even more carefully  for the second session, which usually determines the further success of the undertaken.

In the year of the jubilee of the 70th session of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week  in Madrid, this city sets  itself the goal of becoming one of the world's fashion capitals: from July 5 to 10, a great amount of shows, presentations, conferences and showcases of the best luxury boutiques were held there, and with mid-September, Madrid will be occupied by professional fashion exhibitions of all possible formats. A year ago, the organizers of the largest and most famous Spanish trade show MOMAD Metropolis made a decision to bring shoe collections, intended for wholesale purchase out of this vibrant celebration of designer fashion to a separate venue. Ordering requires focus, and shoes today are more a science and technology than just a catchy design, as demonstrated by the Shoes Room by MOMAD Business Program, prepared by the organizers in conjunction with the FICE (Federation of Spanish Shoes Manufacturers), La Rioja Technology Center for Shoes, Center for Technology and Innovation in Alicante (Inescop), the digital B2B portal and other major players on the Spanish shoe market.

At the 1st International Conference of  Innovations, held for the first time in Madrid on March 1-3, 2019 and dedicated to the challenges and future of the shoe industry, new presentation and promotion formulas for the sector were proposed. According to Charo Izkierdo, ShoesRoom by MOMAD Director, industry development should go in the direction of “more specialized events that allow closer relations between manufacturers, distributors and sellers”. The idea was supported by Pedro Alegria (FICE), Juan Carlos Fernandez (brand Pons Quintana), and Maite Ruiz Atela (B2B-magazine Global Fashion). They added that fashion “must seduce and excite in order to overcome the crisis of creativity that has occurred in recent years” .

The founder of Moddo, Diego de Vicente, warned that “digitalization not only implies a development of e-commerce, but also affects staff experience and the global vision of sales”. Victoria Vera of ICEX (Spanish institute for Foreign Trade) announced that this organization, soon to promote the internationalization of the Spanish economy, will launch a market influence program in five countries that will benefit all shoe companies.

The event presented the latest technological innovations of such leading shoe brands in Spain as Callaghan, Mireia Playà, 5ymedio, Carlos Adams, Medi-Shoes.

One of the highlights of  the Shoes Room by MOMAD,  held in Madrid on March 1-3, 2019, was the presentation of the 1st Innovation Award in the industry. The prize in the Retail Innovation category was awarded to Mikonos Co. Fashion Innovation Award went to Excelsus brand.  Gioseppo Co. received Corporate Social Responsibility Award. Technology Innovation Award was presented to Callaghan brand  and the Lifetime Achievement Award was for Unisa brand.

The role of  La Rioja's shoe industry ambassador Thomas Moreno was highlighted. It was made in the space developed jointly with the CTCR Shoe Technology Center , where companies could showcase their shoe models using holograms. This has become a part of a wide range of promotions on social networks that has enabled brand members to express themselves online to a large audience of consumers.

All of these, as well as a number of new events, were announced at the Shoes Room session from MOMAD, which will be held in La Nave on September 20-22. To give the event an international character and support foreign business, the organizers will hold the International Buyer Program at the exhibition for the second time. In September, it will target buyers from Latin America mainly, but all the rest are interested too.