MICAM . Trends

 The 88th edition of MICAM, the international exhibition of shoes promoted by Assocalzaturifici, closed in September at Fiera Milano. The event was attended by 44,076 participants, 60% of them international, who were able to show off the offers of 1303 exhibiting companies.

 The recorded growth was + 0.94% for individuals compared to February 2019. In particular, the growth was almost 2% for foreigners and -0.55% for Italians. On the international front, the very strong presence of China and Hong Kong was confirmed, which was made possible thanks to a period free of holidays in these countries. A 10% increase was recorded by neighboring Switzerland. Traditional European markets’ presence rose significantly, while a double-digit decline from Russia (-12.85%) and Ukraine (-8.68%) was present .

MICAM 88 was the first edition under the leadership of the new president - Ciro Badon: “Fairs are still the best tool for the industry’s  business  and taking into account the results, we are proud of the success of this issue, which confirms MICAM as the most important event in the world in this sector. Our association will continue to work for the internationalization of  all companies, using all possible strategies to meet a quality product with customers who are able to value it, especially looking at the declining markets of Russia and Ukraine."

 The exhibition, which just ended, marked an important anniversary, celebrating fifty years after the first edition. It is aignificant moment for the industry during important changes both in the production process and in the culture of the shoe product and in its perception by the final user.

 MICAM also made it possible to re-launch the “Made in Italy” shoes at a time that is still difficult for the industry, demonstrating that the creations of Italian fashion are not only a productive excellence, but also symbols of the country's culture.

The exhibition “Shoe Time”, organized on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the fair, was a great success. It allowed visitors to immerse themselves completely in the history of the costume from the 1970s to nowadays, from the point of view of shoe fashion.

The next edition of MICAM is from February 16 to February 19, 2020, with collections Fall / Winter 2020-2021.